Time out

We know you are busy but Tick Tock has something exciting to share with you.  Have you ever heard of Lillian Sprague? Maybe not.  You’ve probably been too busy ticking off jobs on your endless to-do list. Busy doing grocery shopping, sewing on buttons, housework, school lunches, after-school activities, supervising homework, and remembering everything that needs to be remembered! Maybe even too busy to squeeze in a little exercise time or just a little down time for yourself. Tick Tock knows that mums often miss simple pleasures by not having time to stop and breathe them in. No wonder you haven’t had time to find out about Lillian Sprague.

Lillian Sprague is an incredible artist and fashion designer who has fused her love of contemporary fashion and abstract art, to create a range of quality, one-off, hand-painted clutches. Her unique pieces of wearable art are truly beautiful and can be seen at Lillian Sprague Art.

Tick Tock is excited to have partnered with Lillian to create our Mother’s Day Competition, with the  prize being a Time Out gift pack.  One lucky winner will receive their very own personal concierge for 3-hours of Tick Tock time, plus a beautiful Lillian Sprague clutch (total prize valued at $320).  Our winner will simply love her gift.

Find time to enter our Time Out Competition on Tick Tock social media channels.  You won’t be sorry that you did. You might even breathe a little better and feel a little special carrying your beautiful Lillian Sprague clutch. Celebrate all that you do this Mother’s Day.  You deserve it.


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