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Annalee Fraser

Founder & Director

As life ticks along, I realise how precious time is, and my vision for Tick Tock is helping others to realise that too.

Up until recently, my life was a series of endless To-Do lists. From shopping lists and housework to work life and school runs, as a working wife and mother I was constantly ‘switched on’ yet never present.

Growing up in a close family on the banks of the mighty Murray River, admiring nature, embracing stillness and spending quality time with family and friends are values I hold dear. Yet like many of our clients engaging a personal concierge for the first time, I had “so much to do” and “so little time”.

While our lives have evolved over the years to be much faster in pace, our ability to keep up with them hasn’t. Multi-tasking is expected of us at school, at home and in the workplace, with little emphasis placed on ‘how’ we will get things done.

Established in 2016, Tick Tock Personal Concierge can take care of the how. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks, that for most part are mundane, has allowed me to honour my values, be present in my life and free up time to spend doing enjoyable things with those I love. Similarly, outsourcing your To-Do lists to Tick Tock can help you rediscover your time and focus on what is important in life to you.

Studying at The University of Melbourne, living and working in London and a career spent in the education sector has given me a broad skill set that I apply to the needs of our clients. Alongside a strong global network, I lead a team who employ exemplary management skills, which exceed our client’s expectations. The Tick Tock experience reflects my relaxed and approachable manner. Coupled with warm personality, our goal is to develop positive and trusting relationships with our clients to ensure their utmost happiness. Paying attention to detail, providing ongoing excellence in customer service and getting the job done well are central to our philosophy.

If you are drowning in To-Do lists, panicking about event plans or are endlessly running errands, outsource your personal and corporate tasks to Tick Tock Personal Concierge.

It’s been said that time is what we want most of, yet use the worst. Stop spending your days ticking tasks off your To-Do and invest in something that’s truly priceless, more time.

Personal and Corporate Services

If you've never considered a personal concierge to help tick those niggling things off your to-do list, the time to do so is now! However, don’t just take our word for it…

Our client testimonials share why our service is a ‘timely’ asset they can’t live without. Explore the personal and corporate projects our team have worked on.

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