Tick Tock Personal Concierge prides itself on uniquely offering our members a specialist education service.

At Tick Tock, we recognise that the education of your child is the most important asset you will invest in. We understand the difficulty parents face when selecting the most appropriate school for their children.

With strong established relationships in the field of education, allow Tick Tock to assist you in providing your child with nothing but the best.

Our education services include (but are not limited to):

Sourcing the best schools and universities for student needs

Sourcing school uniforms and books

Designing school holiday itineraries for busy working families

Sourcing reputable tutors

Providing study tips and time management skills for students

Advising the best transport options for your child

Educating and supporting families in their management of social media 

Assisting families to access support for children with special learning needs and accelerated learning opportunities 

Providing the best strategies to cope with stress and anxiety at school


Assisting with transition between primary and secondary school (or for families with older teens, transition to university)

Organising school tours and information packs (including assisting with the completion of the enrolment process) 

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Client Testimonial

“Tick Tock Personal Concierge are experts in working with young people and their families. They understand the education system and the impact that individual learning needs have on a child in the classroom. They focus holistically on the physical and mental health of young people, including fostering connection to peers, families and their community. Tick Tock are well positioned to support parents when choosing schools for their children, whether in their local environment or following a relocation.”


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